Entrevista /// Membre Fantome

6:04 PM

Sin preambulos y tal como fue mandada, una entrevista exclusiva con esta singular inteprete, musica y compositora.(Si mascan el ingles chido...s
i no, despues les pongo la traduccion junto con la de Psapp)

01.-What is the meaning of Membre Fantome?
R: There is no definite meaning in membre fantome. the project conducts itself. I just naturally follow all musical impulses that occur based on my current mood. The only thing that I contribute to membre fantome is my mood...everything else is derived from that alone. The creative side is all physical (although making music to me, is like being disembodied)--it's a bit confusing. I have no control.

02.-What is the sound of Membre Fantome?
R:It is te best interpretation of how I am feeling or what I see/experience. I am trying to capture raw, organic--almost dirty--sounds all mixed together (my violin and guitar help me create this sound best!) Other times, I feel more synthetic and sterile-sounding (this is where the electronics will come in...).

03.-Describe the music of Membre Fantome in 3 words

04.-How do you see yourself in ten years from know?
R:I see myself alive, well, and very much in love.

R:Nature mostly. Musically, I'd have to say Bjork and Portishead, although Radiohead is my all-time favorite. Right now, I am very fixed on the works of Mira Calix.

06.-Your opinion about My Space
R: A great, though dangerous place (on levels greater than that of pedophilia)...

07.-When come the new material recorded?
R:Whenever. I am not quite sure, but it will happen some day :)

08.-Clara Rockmore or Bjork?
R:Oh my--both in one!

09.-Describe the day more strange of your life with a song of yours?
R:"Antechamber" describes a lot of my sleepless nights.

10.-All your concept in photography, music is very strange and interesting, what is the reason?
R:There is never a definite reason. I am just very fond of distorted, morbid images that stimulate questioning or curiosity; sounds and images that will make you think twice and ask questions ("what is this?" or "how was this made?"...)

De nuevo visiten su myspace, no se van arrepentir

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